Azure python blob storage trigger run azure devops pipeline problem

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I'm having a hard time for many days because of this problem.

I made Azure blob trigger(using python) for run Azure Devops Pipelines.

but it doesn't work.

It's a my code.

   import logging  
   import base64  
   import http.client  
   import mimetypes  
   import azure.functions as func  
   from azure.devops.connection import Connection  
   from msrest.authentication import BasicAuthentication  
   import pprint  
   def main(myblob: func.InputStream):"Python blob trigger function processed blob \n"  
                    f"Name: {}\n"  
                    f"Blob Size: {myblob.length} bytes")  
       "start connect devops")  
       conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection("")  
       body = "{\"previewRun\":false,\"stageToSkip=\": [],\"resources\": [], \"templateParameters\": [], \"variables\": []}"  
       pt = 'xvfnonij*************************wifjellqzjiqwa'  
       message_bytes = pt.encode('ascii')  
       base64_bytes = base64.b64encode(message_bytes)  
       base64_pat = base64_bytes.decode('ascii')"pat: " + base64_pat)  
       headers = {  
           'Content-Type' : 'application/json',  
           'Accept' : 'application/json',  
           'Authorization' : 'Basic '+ base64_pat  
   "try connect devops")  
       url = "/{organization}/{project}/_apis/pipelines/{pipelineId}/runs?api-version=6.0-preview.1""POST", url, body, headers=headers))  
       res = conn.getresponse()  
       data ="finish connect devops")  

I checked few links for this work.

but my code's response was just 302 message.

I think.. 302 response is my oauth problem. however i used my PAT code from azure devops. also convert by base64.

Could you please let me know what the problem is?

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  1. Pramod Valavala 20,611 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    anonymous user A 302 response indicates a redirect. By default, the http.client doesn't follow redirects I believe but using a package like requests should do the trick.

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  1. Vinay 1 Reputation point

    Kindly please share the working Code please. That will be helpfull. Please Share working code to this Mailid : theproblemslover8@Stuff .com or else share here only please.

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