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Compartir audio en Microsoft Teams en una distribución Linux

Soy usuario de una distribución Linux, específicamente KDE Neon. Me gustaría saber cómo puedo compartir el audio de mi pc a través de Microsoft Teams. Por ejemplo: a veces necesito compartir un vídeo de youtube y al compartir pantalla se ve el vídeo, pero no se escucha.

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Our forum is now only supported in ENGLISH. Could you translate your language into English, then we can help you solve the issue. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

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Sharing audio in Microsoft Teams on a Linux distribution.

I am a user of a Linux distribution, specifically KDE Neon. I would like to know how I can share audio from my pc through Microsoft Teams. For example: sometimes I need to share a youtube video and when sharing screen the video is seen, but not heard.

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Have your ticked "include system audio" when share screen in Teams meeting?

For more details about it, you can read the part of include computer sound in a room with a Teams device

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