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How to Migrate Exchange 2016 To Exchange 2016 in Same Orgainzation (Due to HAFNIUM Compromised )

Hello Support

My Current Infra

1-Primary Domain Controller
1-Secondary Domain Controller + File Server


2 Child Domain

1 Exchange Server 2016 (CU19)

I am trying to Search article for Step by Step Moving Existing Exchange Server2016 To New Exchange Server 2016 with same Domain

Not getting any links article or Videos

Can you please advise how to migrate without Impact ?

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1 Answer

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What do you want to preserve/migrate?
Since the new server is in same organization, the mailbox migration should be easy: Manage on-premises mailbox moves in Exchange Server
Do you mean article like this: Copy receive connector to another Exchange Server
Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
Some settings are saved in AD while some not, it should be a big work if you want to copy everything to the new server manually.

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Hello Eric

I want to migrate Exch2016-01(CU19)Old to Exch2016-02(CU19)New with in the same Domain

Once installed. New exchange . need to be decommission the Exch2016-01(CU19)

Steps that i need

1)How to Install New Exchange Exch2016-02(CU19) in the same organization

2) How to Move Database, Rules, How it is created in Exch2016-01(CU19) same

3) How to decommission the Exch2016-01(CU19)

Please advise

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1 Same as you first installed, check the Exchange Server system requirements and Exchange Server prerequisites.
At least a GC is on the site that you installed Exchange, FSMO roles are required to transfer to that DC.
2 We don't move the database unless there's issue in it, just move all the mailboxes you need via move request or migration batch.
If you mean transport rules, it doesn't need to create/migrate, it willl exist in the new server.
3 You can refer to this article:

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Hello All,

Now i am having two Exchange Server.

Getting certificate alert
Users are not able to connect Outlook and Phones

What could be the reason?
How to fix. i think related to Autodiscover?

Two Cases
1)How to Merge Two Exchange Server's Autodiscover

2) Before decommission How to point secondary Exchange with AutoDiscover

Please advise

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