Controlling the softkeyboard on Android

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As our Xamarin Forms app evolves, we're hitting the Android softkeyboard problem: Either the entire screen needs to be resized (AdjustResize) or we get an overlap and terrible placement of the keyboard that we cannot control(?) (AdjustPan). I doubt we are the only ones with these issues - it must have been solved by others in the past, yes? I must only conclude that there's simply something we're not understanding about how to set this up.

What did you guys do? How can we better control how the application works with the softkeyboard, so it works optimally for our users without having to fiddle too much?

Any response will be highly appreciated, thank you in advance.

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  1. Morten A. Lyrstad 1 Reputation point

    ... which proved to be an informing exercise. The problem is in our native android style. It has no padding, which makes the keyboard get smushed up into the text. The behavior of the Editor is still not desirable, but I think we can work around that in another way.

    Sometimes just trying to explain a problem to someone else causes one to find the solution. Thank you!