Sccm Invalid content on content library explorer on primary site server, not on the other DP, no other errors

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Good morning everyone, I'm having an strange issue: update packages, created with ADR are considered invalid on the primary site server via the content library explorer, but not on the other distributions points. After some investigation, I tried to completely delete two of those packages (endpoint definitions and Office 365 updates) and also the corresponding ADR. It seems to have solved the issue for Office 365, but it happened again for the endpoint updates, and then some of the update packages (windows 10, 2019...) which were valid before appeared invalid then, even without doing any operations on those. It seems that the content in the packages folders (117 items for win10 updates for exemple) are inconsistent with the pkglib .ini files (108 items for the same package), I tried to delete the .ini, validate and redistribute the packages, nothing seems to fix the issue. I don't see any other errors on SCCM console or logs. Do you have any leads on how this problem couls be solved? Thanks for your help, have a nice day!

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  1. MAGNIN Cédric 126 Reputation points

    Well good news, fo a reason still unknown (maintenance job? new updates download?) it seems that the problem solved itself...
    I still have one update package (endpoint definitions) invalid, but maybe it'll be ok soon too!

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  1. Simon Ren-MSFT 32,066 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Thanks for posting in Microsoft MECM Q&A forum.

    1.Don't alter, add, or remove any files or folders in the content library. Doing so could corrupt packages, contents, or the content library as a whole. All changes should be made from the Configuration Manager console. If you suspect any missing, corrupt, or otherwise invalid data, use the validation feature in the Configuration Manager console to detect such issues. Then redistribute the affected content to correct the issues.

    2.Please help check the DistMgr.log, PkgXferMgr.log, SMSDPProv.log to see if there is any further information.

    3.Please try to create new packages and distribute them to the primary site server and other DPs to see if it is working ok.

    Thanks for your time.
    Best regards,

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  2. MAGNIN Cédric 126 Reputation points


    Thanks for your answer, an error occur in SMSDPProv, i didn't any other on Distmgr or PkgXferMgr:

    Execute SQL =select all SMS_StatusMessage.Component,SMS_StatusMessage.MachineName,SMS_StatusMessage.MessageID,SMS_StatusMessage.MessageType,SMS_StatusMessage.ModuleName,SMS_StatusMessage.PerClient,SMS_StatusMessage.ProcessID,SMS_StatusMessage.RecordID,SMS_StatusMessage.ReportFunction,SMS_StatusMessage.Severity,SMS_StatusMessage.SiteCode,SMS_StatusMessage.SuccessfulTransaction,SMS_StatusMessage.ThreadID,SMS_StatusMessage.Time,SMS_StatusMessage.TopLevelSiteCode,SMS_StatusMessage.PartOfTransaction,SMS_StatusMessage.Win32Error from vStatusMessages AS SMS_StatusMessage where (((SMS_StatusMessage.Component = N'SMS_REST_PROVIDER' AND SMS_StatusMessage.SiteCode = N'ABC') AND SMS_StatusMessage.MachineName = N'') AND (SMS_StatusMessage.MessageID = 11609 OR SMS_StatusMessage.MessageID = 11610)) order by SMS_StatusMessage.Time desc OPTION(USE HINT('FORCE_LEGACY_CARDINALITY_ESTIMATION'))

    I have approximately 30 Packages deployed, other applications doesn't seem to have any problems, only the update packages, but no error on the ADR, update synchronisation point state, updates group or content distribution.

    Actually if I only refer to the configuration manager console, everything seems fine, it's just the content library explorer on the primary site server with invalid packages and not on the other distribution point.

    Thanks again.

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