Clientame environment variable from RDP missing

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Hi, I manage several dozens of Windows Servers. I have an script which, whenever an administrator logs on one server via Remote Desktop, captures the user name and the computer from where he logs in. For computer, the script uses the CLIENTNAME environment variable. We have 2008, 2012 and 2016 servers. There are 2016 servers where the script doesn't works, but not always. I mean, some 2016 servers, never report clientname, other 2016 servers, sometimes don't report, sometimes yes. I am not able to find a pattern. When the script doesn't report the clientname, I log on to the server via RDP and type Set Clientname from CMD or $env:clientname from Powershell and it shows as null. I have googled it and I have found several articles pointing to a configuration in flie explorer that launchs folder windows in a separate process, but I have it unselected in all my servers. How can I make clientname environment variable to work always, or if it is not possible, how can I get the clientame with a vbs or powershell script at logon time? Thanks

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    Thank you for posting your query. According to your description, here are some suggestions you may try to fix it.

    $sessionID = (Get-Process -PID $pid).SessionID
    $sessionCLIENTNAME = (Get-ItemProperty -path ("HKCU:\Volatile Environment\" + $sessionID) -name "CLIENTNAME").CLIENTNAME

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  1. Paco Gaspar 91 Reputation points

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will try tomorrow.

  2. Paco Gaspar 91 Reputation points

    The script works, thank you.

    I keep the doubt: Why some servers create the environment variable and others don't?

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