What does "Using TypeScript 4.0 for IntelliSense." mean?

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Whenever I open a Visual Studio 2019,in the Output window, I get :

Using TypeScript 4.0 for IntelliSense.

What does it mean?

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  1. Albert Kallal 5,231 Reputation points

    Well, it means you can adopt a strong typed use of JavaScript. TypeScript is simply a "layer' on top of that allows you to write code with strong type checking - and even build custom classes.

    Under the covers, of course VS will spit out valid JavaScript.

    If you EVER done any amount of JavaScript? Well, it is a REALLY rough ride. We come from a REALLY fantastic environment for coding (Visual Studio). So as developers we get REALLY used to having great syntax checking on the fly.

    But JavaScript tends to be VERY much the opposite of coding say in c# or vb.net. Everything is VERY losy goosey - you can REALLY with ease miss-type some variable name - shove wrong data types into existing variables etc. When it comes to lose coding and the wild west?

    JavaScript is that land! I find it REALY hard, but really really hard to code in JavaScript. It not that the language is hard, but lack of syntax and type checking as you code? Wow!!! - man what a painful experience!

    So TypeScript is a attempt to give us strong typed coding of JavaScript. I have been meaning for months if not a year or so to jump on using TypeScript. I just don't know if it will break anything in my existing applications.

    So "using TypeScript" for inteli-sense means that you have TypeScript (JavaScript) error checking and codding turned on. This of course would only make sense and apply if you doing web development. If you not, then of course there is no need for that option to be turned on and in use.

    So think of TypeScript as a higher level system on top of JavaScript. The idea is a system that attempts to keep you from going crazy and winding up in rooms with padded walls when you start writing a lot of JavaScript code. So you get better syntax checking, stronger type checking and more if you decide to adopt TypeScript.

    Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP 2003-2017)
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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