How to remove quotes from incoming data

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Hi All,
I am loading data from one Staging table SQL Server into a production Table SQL Server. There are 75 columns and all the columns are in quotes "". How can i remove these quotes. I tried REPLACE([AssetDescr], "\"","in")" and it did not work.
Please advice.

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    Hi @bk ,

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    If your issue is TSQL related, please refer below example and check whether it is helpful.

    create table #t  
    Name varchar(100)  
    insert into #t(Name)values('"abcd"')  
    --Remove all quote:  
    update #t   
    Set Name = REPLACE(Name, '"', '')  
    WHERE CHARINDEX('"', Name) <> 0  
    UPDATE #t  
    SET Name = REPLACE(Name, CHAR(34), '')  
    WHERE CHARINDEX('"', Name) <> 0  
    Select * from #t  
    drop table #t  

    If your issue is related with SSIS and you would like to remove the quote from the import flat file, you could refer below:

    To set the Text qualifier to " (double quote) in the Flat File Connection manager.


    If both of above are not working, please provide more details.

    Thank you for understanding!

    Best regards

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