Azure Event Hub Duplicate Message

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  1. Created Azure Event HUB Namespace + Event Hub with 4 partitions
  2. Also Created Azure Storage Account with Container for CheckPointing
  3. Created SenterApp to send messages to Azure Event Hub, to check the consistency, I also added the message into my Local DB to check if there is any Duplicates
  4. Created RecieverAPP with EventProcessor using Register all events with it and used Storage Account for the Checkpointing part Testing Execution Steps
  5. Started Reciever App to consume all messages to wipe it clean
  6. Started Client App to push messages + writing to DB after the push
  7. Stopped Reciever App after some time say 2-3 minutes
  8. After some time resumed receiver App, so now it will sync up all the messages from the HUB to my resiver App through the event registered.

Which means SenterApp=> 100 messages
RecieverApp => 102 messages

I am sharing the code samples I have used to do demonstrate this issue.



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Azure Event Hubs
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