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ADF v2 Integration Runtime for Network share paths


I am looking to access the Network shared fodler with the help of Intgeration Runtime setup which is consumed by my copy activity,
i am not able to access the path of the network share even after providing the required credentials which has the access but able to access the folder on the machine where the IR installed. I am looking for help if someone faced the similar issue or something to be modified or to be looked in differently.

I am using ADF v2, this is my requirement "i want to copy some files which are generated in my ADL v2 to a Onprem network share"

Thanks in Advance.


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Hi Manoj,

I am assuming that you are using the file system connector. Can you please share a screenshot of the error you are facing ? This will help us diagnose the issue faster.

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We haven't heard from you in some time. Was your issue resolved?

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