Secure Azure Machine Learning REST Endpoints (deployed in ACI) with TLS

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We have developed and deployed machine learning models in AML Studio. The models were deployed using ACI and we have REST endpoints that we can make calls to successfully. Next thing that I need to do is to secure the endpoints using TLS. I am going through the following article:

The article suggests that I need to get a domain and then update our DNS point to the IP address of scoring endpoint. I have a subdomain ready to use but as for the IP address, I can't work out where I would get the IP address of the scoring endpoint and how I would even be able to map this to the endpoint as the current endpoint do not contain and IP address and look nothing like the example in the article.

URIs currently look like the following:

Anyone able to help with this one please as it's a little confusing and I can't find any guidance online anywhere?

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    You can do it according to DNS.

    A “URL” is a full specification to a page. For example: is a URL. It has three parts:

    The protocol specifier: http:

    The domain name:

    The page location: /this_is_example.html

    The protocol specifies the port that will be used. http, for example, is
    port 80. ftp uses ports 20 and 21. SMTP, the mail sending protocol, is usually
    on port 25. You can actually find the full list of “official” ports here.

    It’s only the domain name that has an IP address associated with it. So that’s what you would be looking up.

    My approach is to use the “ping” command in a Windows command prompt. For


    Then you can get it.


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