Getting report that newer OS's cannot rename computer to 'some' serial numbers [Eg: 001713261354]

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I know that may people in the community have begun migrating to a more simplified computer naming scheme [eg. serial number] but we have seen a problem where some Surface serial numbers [eg. 001713261354] cannot be used as a computer name getting the error (That PC name won't work. Pick one that doesn't start with a number and try again). Now that error is inaccurate as the serial [001813261354] does work so starting with a number is not the problem and we have only recently begun seeing this error which tells me that this might be new to a recent OS [eg. 20H2.4] or a windows update? I have no interest in testing all OS's to figure out where this problem started.

While testing different methods to rename a computer [CMD, PS, setting, OSD, etc.] We have found that some methods work but might not be able to join a domain [eg. 'WMIC computersystem where caption="ExistingName" rename "NewName"'] will rename to the above serial when using the method is settings [rename your PC] would failed but you still are unable to join the domain which makes the workaround moot. I have found that this does not cause a problem in the OSD process for that same serial number... at the moment at least.

I have reported this to MS on their feedback hub but am concerned as more and more people are switching to a simpler comp name [eg. serial number] this might grow in to a larger problem in the future. Has anyone else seen this issues? If so do you know what is the cause? Could this be caused by something else in our environment? our current solution is the OSD process but that is not always the best option.

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    In Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows, computers that are members of an Active Directory domain can't have names that are composed completely of numbers. This restriction is because of DNS restrictions.

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