Getting 403 Error when trying to view new static web app

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After pouring over Azure documentation for a considerable amount of time I finally got a simple static web app up with visual studio code.

I am going to sound very uneducated on this so bare with me:

  • I used PHP 7.4 for the app
  • I am created a resource group for the app and named it and deployed it
  • The status is running

After deploying it each time I click on the link to go and view the site I am met with "Forbidden, You don't have permission to access this resource."

I do have an idea what it is but I am not entirely sure. I used my college email to get a student subscription and it seems that it's not just me who has access to my resource.

My role is the "Owner" of "This resource" but there is a professor (that I do not know with an email from my college) who has a "User Access Administrator" role. So I may have to drop my account and just use my own personal email and just host the site on a different account and email.

Though I don't think this is necessary and I just need to do something simple to fix it so I came here first.

Also if you couldn't tell I have no experience working with Azure or anything like it so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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