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WPF InkCanvas and DynamicRenderer

I have a wpf application in which I use an inkcanvas, I generate a video of the strokes in the inkcanvas, using the RenderTargetBitmap of the InkCanvas as frames. My problem is that when using a touch screen, the stroke of the InkCanvas is not updated until the user lifts the Stylus, and in the RenderTargetBitmap the entire stroke appears from one frame to another. I understand this is due to the DynamicRenderer. Is there a way for the InkCanvas to see the stroke as it is being made?

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Hi,@carrilloan .

Not updating the strokes before lifting the stylus may be affected by many factors. Please tell me the following information so that I can reproduce your problem more closely.
Could you tell me your system environment? Which version of Visual Studio did you use to create the project? And what is your project's Target framework? Could you tell me the model number of your device?And please show me some related code snippet to reproduce the error and analyze the issue.

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