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How to Setup AutoDiscover for TWO Exchange Server 2016(CU19) For Lab Environment as local Network

Hello All,

My Current Infra

1-Primary Domain Controller
1-Secondary Domain Controller + File Server


2 Child Domain

1 Exchange Server 2016 (CU19)


I am trying to Search article for Step by Step Moving Existing Exchange Server2016(01) To New Exchange Server 2016(02) with in same Domain (TestLab) Internal Network

I want to migrate Exch2016-01(CU19)Old to Exch2016-02(CU19)New with in the same Domain

Once installed. New exchange . need to be decommission the Exch2016-01(CU19)

Steps that i need

1)How to Install New Exchange Exch2016-02(CU19) in the same organization

2) How to Move Database, Rules, How it is created in Exch2016-01(CU19) same

3) How to decommission the Exch2016-01(CU19)


Now i am having two Exchange Server. as Test Lab only internal access (Not External Access)

Getting certificate alert
Users are not able to connect Outlook and Phones

What could be the reason?
How to fix. i think related to Autodiscover?
It can be use internal to connect Autodiscover with network PCs and Mobiles

Two Cases
1)How to Merge Two Exchange Server's Autodiscover

2) Before decommission How to point secondary Exchange with AutoDiscover

Please advise

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This issue isn't related with Autodiscover, in a coexist lab, you just need to one autodiscover record. About the connection issue, it is related with the virtual directories configuration on your Exchange server. About the certificate issue, it is related with the service URL and the subject that contained in your certificate.

Could you provided detail information about the certificate error? It will help us to narrow down this issue.

I also suggest you provide those information below to us:

 Get-OutlookAnywhere | Select Server,InternalHostName,ExternalHostName
 Get-MAPIVirtualDirectory | Select Server,InternalURL,ExternalURL 
 Get-OABVirtualDirectory | Select Server,InternalURL,ExternalURL
 Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory | Select Server,InternalURL,ExternalURL
 Get-ClientAccessServer | Select Name,AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri
 Get-OWAVirtualDirectory | Select Server,InternalURL,ExternalURL
 Get-ECPVirtualDirectory | Select Server,InternalURL,ExternalURL
 Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory | Select Server,InternalURL,ExternalURL
 Get-PowerShellVirtualDirectory | Select Server,InternalURL,ExternalURL 
 Get-ExchangeCertificate | fl Subject,CertificateDomains,Services

I would also suggest you create a new mailbox on this new Exchange server, then check the look up step from Outlook "Test Email Autoconfiguration", those information will help us to know the detailed information in your organization and help you to narrow down it.

Remember remove privacy information before posting result on this forum.

This tool also useful to you: Exchange Deployment Assistant

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Can you please share me the best practice step configuring Autodiscover with two exchange server 2016 for Lab environment .
So it Work as local network When user open outlook

Where i can configure

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In a coexist environment, Autodiscover could redirect from one Exchange to another, you don't need to configure Autodiscover. And, one DNS record can only point to one IP address, it cannot bind with two DNS record.

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