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Creating DNS zone for main domain, having already a subdomain zone, and a different suffix for AD domain


I'm managing a govt. sponsored non-profit company domain (can't be more specific) where we have :

Internal net DNS Zones:
- example.local

In the public DNS, we have defined the (with only the defined, but in the future will add the MX records and such, since we are going to add mail from our main domain, instead of: / )

For We are using a cloud provider, so I want to optimize also the DNS queries that will go outside by creating in the DCs the zone

- If I define the zone in our internal DNS, do I need to move the zone inside, or can they be managed differently?

Which would be the best practice, and if you have links, and tutorial pointers I would appreciate it. Thank you very much.

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May I know whether the domain is hosted by Windows DNS server? And whether the domain is a subdomain of

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Currently we don't have defined as a zone, in our AD-DNS the domain.

We have the domain defined in AD-DNS.

But in the public-facing page we don't need users/viewers to access resources from the outside (if we need, I guess that's for a reverse-proxy based approach), so I guess from a technical point of view it is not a subdomain.

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