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Office 360 Graph API

I am trying to implement an O365 Exchange solution. I have copied the code from a working application we have here but where that application is working, mine is getting a 400 Status Code. There appears to be a configuration issue that I can't put my finger on yet. I was looking for some guidance.

Please note that for me Stack Overflow is not a very welcoming community. Every question I have posted on that site was closed with in minutes for being off topic. I've tried repeatedly to reword my questions but with no assistance I find that site not very useful and their users rude.

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@KeaWilliam-3605 Can you please provide more details like what SDks or framework you are using ? Which graph API endpoint you are trying to hit ?

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Hi @KeaWilliams-3605,

Were you able to provide these details or get this resolved?

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