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I am creating a XF UWP App for a client who uses an internet proxy for all their systems.

This App connects correctly outside this organisation without any proxy. However when we passed them the XF UWP package their proxy prevented the App from connecting.

We have since been testing the App using Fiddler (as described in a previous Q&A on this topic). I can create the App and side load it or put it on the store and download it and with Fiddler running (capturing) Fiddler shows a tunnel to the required https web address and the App works correctly on my computer. Note: the App was created on my computer (may be relevant?).

Now, the problem, if my colleagues download and install the App from the store and do the same Test with Fiddler capturing the traffic the App fails to connect to the server. Without Fiddler in the loop the App works correctly!

I have been asked to resolve the issue; sadly I previously only developed XF Apps for IOS and Android and know very little about Windows Networking! Furthermore because the App passes this 'Fiddler' test when I run it locally with a side loaded or downloaded version of the App it does not fail, so I am at my wits end trying to determine how to move forward in that I can only show my client it working on my system but not on his! He is unimpressed.

Is there anyone out there who is more expert in XF UWP who could advise me how to move on; I cannot get passed the point where it works on my PC but not on theirs!



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