Vista HD into windows 10 laptop Data recover question

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ill try and be clear and to the point I have an old laptop HD that was from my old VISTA laptop 2013 approx, just the HD with my old files i had from my old laptop which is dead. I have a new windows 10 )newest version laptop. I tried swapping old hd into the win 10 laptop cannot boot it obviously. my question is. Is there any bios add on or free software i can install on my wind 10 laptop whereas when i swap in my old vista hd and enter the bios i can recover just my personal files from this old vista HD, and have them show up when i swap my wind 10 hd back in , in windows 10? WOuld be excellent if so,,,, I just have the HD, i mean doing this without buying an adaptor or anything to get the files off my old HD. can this be done somehow>?

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    If you cannot buy a USB cradle then you may need to take it to someone that has one to do the file recovery.

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