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I cannot access my work account via authenticator since changing my iphone

Hi - I have 2 Microsoft accounts linked to the same email address. One is personal, the other is for work.
I had previously set up my work account to use authenticator.

My iPhone has now been replaced, and I'm using a newer model. Authenticator was installed but settings did not carry across.

I am now in a position where I am unable to add my work account to the new authenticator, since to do so requires authentication via the same authenticator I'm trying to add the account to (!).

I can still access my personal account successfully, as this was added to the authenticator after I upgraded my iPhone. However, whenever I attempt to access my Microsoft Work account, I'm blocked from doing so.

I have tried to access the Microsoft Work account from my desktop PC, but this also fails, as it requires authentication, and when sending the notification to the authenticator app, nothing happens on the phone (which is not surprising, since the account has not been added to the authenticator for reasons stated above).

Can you please help me resolve this issue?

Thank you

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