Windows Server 2019 Stop DNS auto record recreation

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I am playing around with windows server and this is really minor but it would be cool if I could get it to work. So my two Windows Server 2019 VM's are acting as DNS and Domain Controllers. I have two accessible IP's for these servers one that I use for DNS and the other I use for management. I am trying to get it so that when I ping that IP address used by DNS I will get the name server name "ns1.ns.domain" and when I ping the management IP I get the servers name. I have narrowed the solution down to a record issue in the parent forward lookup zone that is for the active directory zone. What it does is that it creates a record for both IP addresses for each server (total of 4) if I delete the record that is going to be used by the ns.ns domain it will fix that issue but I think because it is an active directory zone that replaces the record. If this is even remotely possible please let me know if you can help.


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Windows Server 2019
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    Multi-homing a domain controller will always cause no end to grief for active directory DNS. Remove one of the adapters.

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