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COM Singleton in terminal server

I have a COM singleton exe which is started as administrator. The exe is responsible to launch another exe (COM exe) with UserName (in task manager) same as the user requesting to launch the exe. This works fine in remote desktop services but in terminal server it launches as the first user launching the exe 2. (i.e. if user1 requested singleton to launch COM exe it launches as user1. After this if user 2 requests to launch exe it launches again as User1 even though User2 requested it.).

Note that it works absolutely fine in remote desktop services but is errornous in terminal server only.

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Is it possible for someone to reply who might have faced same issue? It is somewhat crucial and urgent requirement to solve this problem.

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Maybe you should show some details about the parts that are done programmatically. For example, how the singleton EXE determines the user and launches the other EXE?

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COM singleton does not determine the user. It only launches other exe using CoCreateInstance.

The COM application which is using COM singleton to instantiate other exe, runs for each user and COM singleton runs only as admin user (DCOM settings 'Run As').

Ideally COM singleton should instantiate other exe as interactive user which is the user of COM application.

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