Folder Redirection - Do not apply to user on specific PC

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I have a GPO for folder redirection set up on a user GPO. This is applied to authentication users on the whole domain. I need User A to have his folder redirections on Computer A but Not on Laptop A. How can I acheive this?

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    This can be achieved by the security filter.
    Remove the authenticated users from the delegation tab on the GPO.
    Add users will apply the policy ,and grant "read" and "apply group policy "**permission.
    Add computer A ,grant **read
    Then only users log onto the computer A, the group policy will apply.

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    My GPO is a user configuration for folder redirection.

    Could I just deny group policy to a specific computer? would this work?

    I dont fancy having to add users and computers to a GPO whenever we get a new one.

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    So, i've created a new OU and put my computer in there.

    I've created 2 policies:

    Computer Policy which turns on loopback in REPLACE

    User Policy which specifies to ues localprofile for desktop and documents folder

    When I do GPRESULT I can see the loopback policy has applied and my new policy for folder redirection has applied but the existing folder redirection is also still applying.

    What have I done wrong?

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    We don't need to enable the loopback policy , it will make the situation more complicated.
    When i said add or remove users it is just to set the gpo permissions.
    It will be simple and easier to manage .

    If you want to use the deny permission.
    You can tried to deny the read permission for the SPECIFIC computers on the GPO.

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