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Image source showing nothing when setting the source from a byte[] Xamarin Forms

Hi all I have a byte[] which I save from the Xamarin Essentials Media Picker, I want to display the image on my XAML page so all I have is a blank XAML page with a StackLayout and in my code I do the following:

 Stream stream = new MemoryStream(filebyte);
             var imageSource = ImageSource.FromStream(() => stream);
             Image test = new Image();
             test.Source = imageSource;
             test.WidthRequest = 50;
             test.HeightRequest = 50;

but when the page loads nothing is there. i'm I missing something

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Welcome to our Microsoft Q&A platform!

Here is a sample which is implemented by Xamarin.Essentials: Media Picker.

You can refer to the following code:

     async void Button_Clicked(System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e)
         var result = await MediaPicker.PickPhotoAsync(new MediaPickerOptions
             Title = "Please pick a photo"

         if (result != null)
             var stream = await result.OpenReadAsync();

             resultImage.Source = ImageSource.FromStream(() => stream);

The xaml code:

 <Image x:Name="resultImage" />

And you can check the full sample here:


We just need to use the following code, the rest can be deleted(I tested on my side, it works properly.):

     async Task LoadPhotoAsync(FileResult photo)
         // canceled
         if (photo == null)
             PhotoPath = null;
         // save the file into local storage
         var newFile = photo.FullPath;

         var stream = await photo.OpenReadAsync();

         MyImage.Source = ImageSource.FromStream(() => stream);

Best Regards,

Jessie Zhang

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@JessieZhang-2116 unfortunately I am doing this after storing a byte[] in a local DB on the device this is for using the image straight away after picking it from the device, I have a listview of images that I save to the local DB as a Byte[] and when the user clicks on the list item I want it to show the image on another screen that's where it is not loading.

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If it is convenient for you , could you please post a basic demo so that we can test on our side?

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here is my github for a standard button to pick and save the image as a byte[] then set the image source using a stream, I'm still getting the same results.

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I have updated my answer, you can check the updated part at the bottom of my answer.

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