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Azure VM Routing table loose default gateway when connecting to a VPN fro within the VM

Hi, Hpoe you can help. I migrated a Vultr Windows Server VM to Azure, so right know, I have exactly the same VM on both services. I have a VPN client on those VMs. When dialing the VPN on Vultr, it works correctly without any issues. The route print, appears completly fine. But on Azure (remember is a clone) when I dial the VPN, the RDP connection drops and I loose all connectivity to the VM, I captured the route print in the process and found that the default route .0.0.0. Gateway Interface is deleted when the VPN dial, and also there are a few routes that are like incomplete, like for example w.x.y.x nothing nothing nothing 17 (just a number 7 instead of a gateway IP). Here are the route prints, from before and after dialing the VPN from both servers.

Vultr, Without the VPN
Vultr, with the VPN
Azure without the VPN
Azure With the VPN

Can someone explain me why is this happening? Thank you

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@GustavoPuente-2196 Which VPN server are you connecting to??Is it Azure P2S VPN? Please also confirm the VPN client being used.

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Hi, the VPN client Is Shrew Soft VPN Access Manager, (loaded with Cisco PFC configuration file), I don't know what is the server, it is a company client VPN so I don't get to know that information. But as mentioned in the post, is the excatly the same (clone) VM on 2 different cloud providers, and on Azure it just breaks the connection. The only thing different is that on the other Vultr it has a Public IP directly binded to the network adapter, and in Azure dont.

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I would suggest you to check if the Shrew Soft VPN Access Manager is supported to work inside Azure. Please contact their support to further evaluate this issue. If you are using Azure VPN Gateway, then here is a list of Validated VPN devices list.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and we will be glad to assist you further. Thank you!


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