recent ADO updates?

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I noticed that msado15.dll (32-bit!) carries a date of Jan 2021, could someone advise what changes were made to ADO? is it just bug fixes? or some new functionality?

Also, I am a dBase user and use sone large spreadsheet (100k lines) as inputs to a web app. I was trying to use ADO to connect to those Excel sheets snice MS has not released drivers for converting Excel to dBase or vice-versa on 64-bit platforms, but found that performance was dreadful. It takes 3 mins to scroll through those 100k records. Is this some issue with the dBase implementation of ADO or is it truly slow to work with Excel files through ADO?

Finally, the table names include the $ sign - e.g. Sheet1$ (which I interpret as being "the entire sheet1". It is a bit risky to be using special characters in table names. Is there a way around this?


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