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Send notification to team when document is created and saved


We have a template in SharePoint document library which is used when group of people create new error report on devices. Requirement is, every time when they create a new error report document and save it, that document or notification should be sent to team which is responsible for error handling. Is there a way to send them document or notification about that so that they don't need to check the Sharepoint site all the time.

Many thanks for help.

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Hi @DeniGaro-2275,

I would suggest you creating a "error report" content type instead of using the template as file template is not a property can be retrieved and then using Microsoft Power Automate Flow to achieve this. Please take a reference to the following steps.

  • Go to Site Settings page -> Site content types -> Create -> Type the name for it -> Select parent content type from Document Content Types ->Set Parent Content Type to Document -> Click OK.

  • Return to your document library -> Library Settings -> Advanced settings -> set "Allow management of content types?" to yes -> Click OK.

  • Return to Library Settings page -> Scroll down to Content Types section -> Add from existing site content types -> Select the content type created above -> Add -> Click OK.

  • Return to Content Types section on the Library settings page -> click on the content type -> select Advanced settings on Content Type Settings page.

  • Document Template -> Upload a new document template -> Click choose file button and upload the error report template file -> Click OK.

  • Now we get a error reports content type and user can create this file type via New button.

  • Select Automate in the top ribbon-> Power Automate -> see your flows -> Click Create -> Automated cloud flow -> type in Flow Name and select skip.

  • Add a Trigger "When a file is created(properties only)" -> select Site Address and Library Name.

  • Add a step "Get file properties".

  • Add a condition -> < Content type Name > < is equal to > < content type name created above >

  • If yes -> Add an action -> Send an email notification(V3) -> Click Save.

  • Test result is shown as below: I will automatically receive an email notification if someone created a Error Reports On Devices content type document in my TestDocs library.

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Hi @DeniGaro-2275,

How is everything going on this thread? If an answer is helpful to you, please remember to accept it as answer.

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Hi Allen,

You are the king. Work like a charm. Many thanks for your help

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