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Access to files VSS

Good afternoon! I had a problem with the disk, it was possible to save only the shadow copy folder to another disk, there are 60 gigabytes. How can I unpack the contents of this folder into separate files?

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Would you provide more information about your issue? What is the file or folder do you want to unpack? When you try to unpack the content what is the error message do you get?

Would you please provide some related screenshots so that we can understand your issue more clearly?

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In more detail. Our operating system W2K8 R2 was hacked. The attacker installed the VeraCrypt program on it and managed to encrypt part of the disk, but the System Volume Information folder on the disk where the backup copy was located remained intact. Something prevented the attacker from encrypting it as well. I copied the entire folder to another disk because the MFT table on that disk was destroyed over 60%. The folder takes up 60 gigabytes. I would like to view the contents of the files in this folder in a friendlier interface than WinHex :)
We have already contacted the law enforcement agencies, but we want to start working as soon as possible, if your knowledge will help us.

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