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How can I support encryption in transfering files between skype for business users?

I am implementing file transfer using 1-to-1 chat and using the following link to implement it. Using the mentioned approach I am able to transfer between two users. Now I am working to add encryption in this. I could not find any documentation on this. When I send file invite from my code to skype for business desktop client. It returns Encryption-Key and Hash-Key. Now I do not know how to use these keys in file transfer. Please advice.

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As this issue is more realted to Skype for Business, I would change the tag to be "office-skype-business-online-itpro".
Thanks for your understanding.

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Hi @VinodKumar-8378

As we are mainly responsible for general issue of Skype for Business, your question related to script development is not in our scope.

I tried to find the official document to describe how to use Encryption-Key and Hash-key to transfer the encryption file but unfortunately did not find it.

Skype for Business Server uses these two protocols (TLS and MTLS) to create the network of trusted servers and to ensure that all communications over that network are encrypted.

The following link shows the protocol requirements for each type of traffic for reference:

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Hi @VinodKumar-8378

It has been a while, how is everything going?
If you have any update about this issue, please feel free to post back.

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