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Enable access-based enumeration on a namespace not working

hello all,

I configured DFS on windows 2012r2 and created folder under the name space, i enabled Enable access-based enumeration option to not allowing other users who don't have access on the shared folder to view those folders, but they still able to view those folders. i did the following:

1- udder namespace i selected required shared folder then advanced then select Set explicit view permissions on the DFS folder and i added a specific user "for test" with deny permission, but still he's able to view this folder. what else can i do to prevent other user to view organization shared folders that they don't have permissions on.

Note: on test shared folder, i added only administrator account on shared\ NTFS only and there is no other users. the user is still able to view the test shared folder but not able to access it.

Thank you.

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Hello HamoudaAlbakri-3924,

The openspec-* tags are dedicated to supporting issues related to open specifications. You can find open specifications here Since your question does not pertain to one of these specifications, I've removed the openspecs tag and added the windows-server tag. Hopefully this will get your post the proper attention.

Best regards,
Jeff McCashland
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