Warning in Event Viewer from Work Folder setup logged every few minutes: Event 13007

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I am using work folders and have it available externally via AAD Application proxy. Everything is working fine with the setup. Sync works fine on both domain joined and stand alone machines whilst not on site.

But this warning keeps getting logged every few minutes. I have an idea what it means, but I dont know why its happening, or how to fix it. Hopefully someone here can shed some light.


Event 13007, Microsoft- AAD Application Proxy Connector

The HTTP response from the backend server was not received within the expected interval. Expected interval: 85 seconds.


Transaction ID: {05b29479-d078-465e-a003-f43da21acf9e}

Session ID: {05b29479-d078-465e-a003-f43da21acf9e}

Published Application Name:

Published Application ID:

Published Application External URL: https://workfolders-xxxxxxxxx.msappproxy.net/

Published Backend URL: https://workfolders.xxxxxxxxx.uk/

User: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx .uk

User-Agent: MS_WorkFoldersClient

Device ID: <Not Applicable>

Token State: NotFound

Cookie State: NotFound

Client Request URL: https://workfolders-xxxxxxxxx.msappproxy.net/sync/1.0/changes

Backend Request URL: https://workfolders.xxxxxxxxx.uk/sync/1.0/changes

Preauthentication Flow: PassThrough

Backend Server Authentication Mode: WIA

State Machine State: BERequestWriting

Response Code to Client: <Not Applicable>

Response Message to Client: <Not Applicable>

Client Certificate Issuer: <Not Found>

Response Code from Backend: <Not Applicable>

Frontend Response Location Header: <Not Applicable>

Backend Response Location Header: <Not Applicable>

Backend Request Http Verb: HEAD

Client Request Http Verb: HEAD


Ive removed all identifiable information. Hope that doesn't impede finding the issue.

Thanks in advance


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