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How to get DirectoryInfo.EnumerateFiles() to close files?

When I use how DirectoryInfo.EnumerateFiles() it keeps the files open so I can't pass the filename to another process and change the name. How can I get DirectoryInfo.EnumerateFiles() to leave the files closed?

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Hello @MThomasGroszko-5329 ,
Thanks for your query ! Can you give us more context on this ?
Probably the sample piece of code which you are trying out after enumerating the files - what exactly you want to perform.

I just tried a sample test code after enumerating, I was trying to delete the files etc.

DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo(@"C:\\test2");
IEnumerable<FileInfo> fi = di.EnumerateFiles();
FileStream fs;
foreach (FileInfo f in fi)

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Thanks for looking at this and spending some time. I found my problem.

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