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NSG Flow Logs empty

Good morning,

I have issues when I try to enable NSG FLow Logs.

I have created a v2 Storage, also I have checked if microsoft.insight is enabled. It´s ok.

I have also enabled Flow Logs but the blob related with this feature doesnt appear. I tried to apply a Diagnostic setting and it is certainly that other network logs appears in the storage, but not the logs related with Flow Logs.

Too, I have also checked the storage account and it is public as Microsoft recommend so there is allowed by fw and microsoft services.

Im in a hurry as I have tryed to check info related with network watcher but it doesn´t appear. Also I have opened a Microsoft support request to analize this issue.

Thank you for your aid.

Have a good day,

Sincerely Alvaro

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As this is not expected behavior, your best bet is to create a support request. If you were able to resolve the issue, can you post the resolution?

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