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odata - url too long getting 404

Hi Experts,

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

I have a python program making connection to odata and trying to fetch data, precisely following code-

response = session.get(url,
headers={'Authorization': self.api_cred})

url is constructed based on call to metadata and then appending each navigation property to this url so that it looks something like$expand=NavigationProperty_1($select=Id),NavigationProperty_2($select=Id),NavigationProperty_n($select=Id)

This url fails with 404 error -

"The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." -

The URL I am using is very long, I have noticed If I trim the url into half something like below - It starts working.$expand=NavigationProperty_1($select=Id),NavigationProperty_2($select=Id)

My question is Is there any limitation on the oData end for URL length? I am getting 404 Resource not found with the full url and when I split the url, it is working for me.

Thank you very much in advance! Much appreciated

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@RohanKumar-4341 The question seems to be tagged with azure-open-datasets service which provides datasets for machine learning experiments. But the question seems to be related to odata with a database, Could you please let us know which service of Azure are you using to retag the question so the right community can address? Thanks!!

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Sorry I am new to this forum, yes I could not find the odata tag

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