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Exchange 2013 CU23 Cannot Move Mailboxes


I am having a Database Content Index issue with Exchange Mailbox Server. When I tried to move some mailboxes from one database to another, it won't start and I get some message from Get-MoveRequestStatistics shown below:

 Resource reservation failed for 'DATABASE_NAME/MdbWrite' (CiAgeOfLastNotification(“DATABASE_NAME”)): load ratio 1.79769313486232E+308, load state 'Critical', metric 161625. This resource is currently unhealthy.

However, the ContentIndexStatus from Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus is still in healthy state. Then, I found that the metric value in this message is the same as ContentIndexBacklog from Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus. Most of my databases (70~80%) have a large value ContentIndexBacklog, when others remains 0.

I have tried reseeding the database, but that didn't help. Does anybody has any thoughts/experiences about this situation?

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Hi, @hyili

Was the server under heavy load when you tried to move the mailboxes?
To my knowledge it can be the cause of the problem.

To confirm it, please monitor the resource usage of the server and check if there are some error or warning events generated in the application log in event viewer.

You may also try moving the mailbox to another database on the same server.
And see if it works or fails with the same error.

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Thanks for reply, @KaelYao-MSFT
I had tried both moving in/out mailboxes to/from databases having such state, and still be the same. I also checked that the server was not busy at that time. However, after waiting for several days, all status are now back to normal.
Another thing is, 3 days before this situation, I reduced the retention period of mailbox audit log from 180 days to 90 days. I think there may be some relations between the situation and server configuration change.

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Thanks for the update!

Since the mailbox audit log is stored in the Recoverable Items folder of a mailbox,
Did you change the AuditLogAgeLimit parameter for all the mailboxes in the specific databases?

If so, I suppose the Managed Folder Assistant may be busy with removing the expired logs from the databases.
And it affects the mailbox move request.

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Hi, @hyili

I am writing here to confirm with you how thing going now?
Did you still have the problem?

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