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Desktop 32 bit client application is not getting launched in Windows Server 2019


I am able to launch my desktop 32 bit application in Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R, 2016. But I am not able to launch the same application when I deploy into Windows server 2019. When I debugged my application I can see WaitForMultipleObjects is going for infinite, which resulted not launching client application. Find the below code snippet for your reference. Can you please suggest me.

HANDLE hWait[2];
hWait[0] = CreateEvent( NULL, TRUE, FALSE, NULL );
hWait[1] = pApp->m_hThread;

DWORD waitForObjects = WaitForMultipleObjects( 2, hWait, FALSE, INFINITE );

Note Using VS 2019 IDE and .NET framework 4.8

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It seems that the event is not set and the thread is not terminated. Show the missing details about the event and thread.

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I'm sorry that this part of the code alone cannot determine whether the problem is caused by WinAPI.Could you please show a minimal, reproducible sample without private information?

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I have observed that after Windows patch update it is started working from last Saturday. I will recheck and update. Thanks

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