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More details/samples to use the DMA/IOMMU DDIs introduced in 1803?

There are several IOMMU/DMA related new structures introduced since 1803. However I seems can't find the related samples.
Are they only used to support VBS? Or can be used in some more flexible way, i.e. control the device DMA by a platform driver in hyper-v OFF mode?

IoGetIommuInterface function

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According to your description, seems the issue is more related to hardward wdk, since Windows 10 virtualization forum is mainly about Hyper V role on Windows 10, wdk is out of windows-10-virtualization forum scope, so, I will remove the tag windows-10-virtualization for you, thanks for your understanding!

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Although these are WDK related, only virtualization will use ACPI DMAR and IOMMU domain. Virtualization experts may share more comments on the question. That's the reason I add the virtualization tag.
I'll keep current status for a while and see if need add the tag back.
Thanks for your quick response.

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