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Custom script extension incorrectly processing input characters


Custom script extension for Windows seems to be incorrectly processing characters passed to it. Relevant portion of my script extension is below

 "commandToExecute": "[concat('powershell.exe -file ./consolidated-webserver/server.prep.ps1 ', ' -clients ', variables('convertedJSON'))]"

variables('convertedJSON') contains string with various characters which is correctly passed to extension which can be seen by examining file under Status folder as seen below

 "powershell.exe -file ./consolidated-webserver/server.prep.ps1 -clients ^\"{'clients':[{'clientName':'dominos','sqlreference':{'keyVault':'dominos-urbumyyogx-kv','fdqn':''}},{'clientname':'boeing','sqlreference':{'keyVault':'boeing-c4uujz4qkc-kv','fdqn':''}}]}^\""

Actual powershell instance is launched though with following parameters -

 Host Application: powershell.exe -file ./consolidated-webserver/server.prep.ps1 -clients {'clients':[{'clientName':'dominos','sqlreference':{'keyVault':'dominos-urbumyyogx-kv','fdqn':''}},{'clientname':'boeing','sqlreference':{'keyVault':'boeing-c4uujz4qkc-kv','fdqn':''}}]}

which you can see is missing ^\" characters

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@artisticcheese Firstly, apologies for the delay in responding here and any inconvenience this issue may have caused.
Can you please elaborate more on your query for better understanding the issue? May I know what exactly are you trying accomplish?

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I'm trying to use custom script extension to execute some powershell command on Windows. I'm passing characters to extension which never make it to actual command. I'm examining .status file to see what was passed from extension to executable which showing ^ character is part of it but actual executable strips that character as seen in powershell transcript

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