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How to create Outlook add in?

  Hello, I am new to C# and even newer to making Outlook Add-ins. I am using Visual Studios 2017 and VSTO for Outlook add ins. I am wanting to create an add in that allows me to reply-all to the email I have selected in the folder. I have already created a button in the ribbon. I have looked on Microsoft's tutorial on making add ins but it just didn't click. Any suggestions or a nudge in the right direction to some good resources would be very helpful, thank you. 
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Hi @JimmySchloo-1344,
Welcome to our forum, please kindly understand under Outlook tag, we mainly focus on general issue on Outlook desktop client, considering your issue may be more related to add-ins development, I would remove outlook tag and add addins development tag, thanks for your understanding and hope your issue would be resolved soon.

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