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Trying to replace sdtelement with html with href(w:hyperlink) doesn't work

Hi There, I am using Openxml to update/replace word/docx with html content.
The content to be replaced is paragraph with href or external hyperlink on it.

> Sample html input:

<html> Hi<a href="">Hello</a> </html>

I had attached a file which has the code that does the replacement,not sure what is wrong.It simply doesn't work on the target .docx file.

82543-writereplacehtmlfunc.txtAny thoughts? Thanks

Note:I tried copying the code,it was not in readable mode.Thereby attaching a file that contains a function.

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The code in the file contains a lot of your own custom methods, and we cannot reproduce your error.
Can you describe your problem in more detail, or provide some screenshots to let us know what the current file looks like, and what do you want it to look like after processing?

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