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form updating


Bit of a puzzle for me.. Quick summary:

I am working with a 3rd party application that provides a view of a 3D model to a picturebox. The view is not an image, the picture is used to provide the rendering of the view.

i have 2 projects (1 is a test project).
- project 1 has everything in a single form with all controls at the same form level.
- project 2 has a mainform that pops up another usercontrol as a form. on that form is a picturebox to get my view and a panel that changes usercontrols based on the stage of progress (imaging a wizard type form clicking through stages to complete a set of instructions)

when i update a textbox control that is on the same mainform as the picturebox, all is ok and i do not lose the view. When the textbox control is on a sub form embedded into the mainform, i lose the view when i leave the textbox control... There is method added to the forms Paint event that effectively would repaint the form so i suspected it might that however, commenting out the paint event code in the project 1 didnt make me lose the view from the picturebox.

when i update the texstbox in project 2 that has the textbox on a usercontrol added to the panel control, i lose the view.

would it be typical behavior for some controls not to update in a instance where it is embedded into a control on another form?
would i need to refresh / repaint every form in order to maintain the update?
what else would be required to maintain all forms / subforms are successfully updated in sequence?


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Hi @nachoshaw-9496 ,
Could you provide some related code in project2? It will help others make a test and reproduce your problem.

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