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GetCustomerPurchaseIdAsync() does not return a valid store ID key


For our UWP app, we are calling the GetCustomerPurchasedIdAsync() method with a valid access token and userID (email in this case) in order to get a valid Store ID key. For the majority of our users this works fine, however for about 12% of them, the method returns a blank result. The users can purchase within our UWP application, however without the corresponding key we cannot view their transaction history via the Store API.

We have followed the documentation found here: and are using the Windows.Services.Store namespace.

Each access token is based on the proper scope and Azure identifier URI so the similar question from >2 years ago is not necessarily applicable:

What would cause a blank or invalid store ID key to be the result? Is there a way to debug/trace the underlying cause of the issue?

Thanks for any assistance!

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Hi again @RoyLi-MSFT,

Yes, our application uses both and in both cases (for the same users) the results are blank.

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Sorry, I misread your response to mean using a call to StoreContext.GetUserCollectionsIdAsync(). (Which we are using to get keys for collection purchases)

Are you simply suggesting we use the GetUserCollectionAsync() to get store purchase info instead of the Store API for these users?


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