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Mail doesnt update when cached exchange mode is on

Hi All !

We have some clients here that dont update when cached exchange mode is on,

When i disable cached exchange mode it works but we want it on.

Anybody knows why it could be that it doesnt work for this users

we are using Office365

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I did a recreation of outlook profile it doesn't work
it's a brand new PC
we tried remove and reinstall of office using Microsoft SARA tool same issue
Email is working fine on Windows Mail app but not on outlook
it's not fetching emails in real time

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Hi @Dharmendrachauhan-8605,

Before going further, to ensure that the functions of your Outlook desktop itself can all work fine, please make sure you have fully upgraded and repaired your Outlook client.

In order to further confirm your issue, please try to provide us with more specific information about your issue:

  • When would this sync issue happen? Can Outlook sync normally when you just open it?

  • Are there any error messages when this issue occurs? And what is the status displayed in the status bar at the bottom of Outlook client?

  • Does this sync issue only happen to this specific email account? It is suggested for you to try add other personal email account( email account for example) to your Outlook and see if the issue has any difference there.

If you have any update about this issue, please feel free to post back.

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Hi @Dharmendrachauhan-8605,
It has been a while, how is everything going?
If you have any update about this issue, please feel free to post back.

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