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Cannot enable mailbox using ecp

We have a problem that engineers from the service desk cannot create or enable mailboxes using ECP.
The following roles have already been assigned to the engineers. Everything works except the "User Mailbox"
They get the following error "500 unexpected error". Can anyone help with further troubleshooting?

Active Directory Permissions
Distribution Groups
Mail Recipient Creation
Mail Recipients
Move Mailboxes
View-Only Recipients

Done the following troubleshooting steps:
- Pointed to a specific server http://<servername>/ecp
- Connected exchange remotely using the engineers admin credentials . enable-mailbox command is working and they can enable mailbox.

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Hi, @AustinSundar-2506

Did you also test with the New-Mailbox command?
If EMS works fine, the accounts should have the required permissions.

I noticed that you mentioned "Pointed to a specific server http://<servername>/ecp".
Do you have multiple Exchange servers in your environment? And what are the versions(including CU version) of your Exchange servers?

Please create a new role group and add the roles and members to it and see if the problem persists.

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@KaelYao-MSFT , we tested with one of the SD engineer credentials to connect exchange remotely, and New-Mailbox and enable-mailox command worked,

Yes, we have multiple exchange servers having exchange 2016 with CU 20. we noticed this is affected after we installed CU20. the issue is only when they click on "user Mailbox" (to create the mailbox). other than that everything is working fine

we haven't tested with creating new role group, but investigating why they lost access suddenly.
also, we tested assigning "Recipient Management " role, but this will give more privileges to the SD.


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It seems to be the known issue documented in this article: "500 Unexpected Error" when trying to create a user mailbox in ECP
While you mentioned if assigning "Recipient Management " role to the users, it is working fine.

Instead of assigning "Recipient Management ", please try adding the users to the "View-Only Configuration" role group and see if it works for you.

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Hi, @AustinSundar-2506

I am writing here to confirm with you how thing going now?
Did the issue get resolved?

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@dimiro , yes Recipient Management works.
but can't we restrict only to User mailbox creation? Recipient Management will assign more permission to SD.

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Yes, but you need to customize a permission

in this article, you can view and try some possibilities using powershell modifying a specific roles.

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