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GDI Leak when rendering alpha-blend contents to some printers in Windows 10

I'm experiencing a very odd legacy gdi object leak when printing on certain printers under Windows 10.

It happens even when you print on Microsoft virtual printers, such as the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer".
It has to do with rendering 32bppARGB images to a printer Graphics, regardless of its origin. It happens when you render an in-memory created bitmap with argb contents.

The memory leak happens on Windows 10 19042.867 x64 and does not happen on Windows 7 (x64, x32), with the same virtual printer.
It does not happen when the contents of the image being rendered do not contain any semi-transparent pixels.

I've created a test project to easily reproduce the behavior:

 Imports System.Drawing
 Imports System.Drawing.Printing
 Module Module1
     Sub Main()
         ' Get Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer settings
         Dim prnSettings As New PrinterSettings() With {.PrinterName = "Microsoft XPS Document Writer"}
         ' Ensure printer is valid
         If prnSettings.IsValid = False Then
             MsgBox("Can't find Microsoft XPS Document Writer.", MsgBoxStyle.Exclamation)
             Exit Sub
         End If
         ' Init document settings
         m_prtDoc = New PrintDocument With {.DocumentName = "PNG24 print test",
                                            .PrinterSettings = prnSettings}
         ' Start printing
         ' Clean up
         MsgBox("Check GDI objects count, probably thru the roof.", MsgBoxStyle.Information)
     End Sub
     ' Document settings
     Private WithEvents m_prtDoc As PrintDocument = Nothing
     ' Page count
     Private m_iPageCount As Integer = 0
     Private Sub PrintPage(sender As Object, e As PrintPageEventArgs) Handles m_prtDoc.PrintPage
             ' Create in memory image of the same size
             Using imgMemory As New Bitmap(600, 400)
                 ' Fill with alpha color
                 Using gphMemory As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(imgMemory)
                     gphMemory.Clear(Color.FromArgb(128, 255, 0, 0)) ' Red at 0.5 alpha
                 End Using
                 ' Draw in-memory image
                 e.Graphics.DrawImageUnscaled(imgMemory, e.PageBounds.Location)
             End Using
             ' Increase page counter
             m_iPageCount += 1
             ' The number of rendering repetitions
             Const REPETITIONS As Integer = 20
             ' Print up to REPETITIONS pages
             e.HasMorePages = (m_iPageCount < REPETITIONS)
         Catch ex As Exception
             ' Error, Stop printing
             MsgBox(ex.Message, MsgBoxStyle.Critical)
         End Try
     End Sub
 End Module

Stack overflow question:

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

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I could reproduce it on Windows 10 1909

I tried to replace the line
gphMemory.Clear(Color.FromArgb(128, 255, 0, 0))
by equivalent
GdipGraphicsClear (from .Net source) but I could not set Alpha to compare...

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You can draw anything that has alpha pixels in it and the leak will appear.

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Yes, weird.
I tested the ~same code in C++ : same problem with ARGB

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For anyone stumbling upon this issue, it seems that the problem was solved with update KB5001649

Make sure you and/or your customers keep Windows up to date and this issue won't affect your projects.

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