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MSI installer upgrade code for multiple depended products


We have two products. Both can be installed separate but also installed at the same time. Both are send as single MSI file. The issue is now the upgrade. If someone get a new MSI for the first product it must fit at least to the major version of the second product.

Reading the docu :

The UpgradeCode property is a GUID representing a related set of products. The UpgradeCode is used in the Upgrade Table to search for related versions of the product that are already installed.

This sounds that we can use the same upgrade guid for both products and the installer can manage than the detection of the product versions for both.

Is this the correct way?


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It sounds like Concurrent Installations.

Developers should note the following warnings when authoring concurrent installations.

  • Concurrent installations cannot share components.

  • An administrative installation cannot also contain a concurrent installation.

  • Patching and upgrading may not work with concurrent installations.

  • The installer may not properly cost a concurrent installation.

  • Integrated ProgressBars cannot be used with concurrent installations.

  • Resources that are to be advertised cannot be installed by the concurrent installation.

  • A package that performs a concurrent installation of an application should also uninstall the concurrent application when the parent product is uninstalled.

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This would assume that we „bundle“ all MSI files together .. this are about 20 files with 1 GB each. Also the documentation states that this is deprecate ..

Maybe there is a better solution

Anyway thx

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