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微软翻译使用增加自定义翻译功能后,翻译时长变长,翻译变慢。请问有什么比较好的解决方案吗?After using the added custom translation function, the translation time becomes longer


Our product originally only used Microsoft's default translation function, and later added some custom texts and used custom translation value-added services. After using it, it was found that the time consumption for translating other languages into Chinese became longer. This part of the language is not limited to custom texts. , And other texts are the same. It is estimated that the consumption will change from 1 second to 3 seconds. Is there any better solution?

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@13068665 Based on my experience using custom translation should not effect the performance of your translation since you are using the category id of your deployed custom model with the normal translation API. I think it would be easier to check the slowness of your API by sharing details of your requests directly to the team through support from Azure portal. If there is any performance issue of the requests they should be able to help find the cause and advise.

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