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Recommendations for Integrating SMS with SharePoint 2019 On Prem

Our company has a SharePoint add-in that allows us to manage employee training. We really like that when an employee signs up for a class the employee types in their e-mail address and the manager of the employee training system can then communicate with the employee about that class via e-mail. In order to be more accommodating with the diversity of our employees, the managers would like to be able to communicate with the employee via the employee's cell phone number (if the employee chooses to use their cell phone number instead of an e-mail address to sign up for training classes). So, my job, as the farm administrator, is to figure out how to get SharePoint to communicate via SMS or MMS. In searching the internet for SMS services that integrate with SharePoint, I see that this can be very complex. I also see that Microsoft has tried to make it easy with the "Configure Mobile Account" Settings area under Central Administration's System Settings -> Email and Text Messages (SMS) area.

So has anyone on this forum ever integrated an SMS/MMS system with SharePoint? What did you end up doing? Who did you end up using as the SMS/MMS service provider? (We'll definitely be needing a company that can communicate with all of the U.S. based cell service carriers.)

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Hi @TechSmith77-9910, thank you for posting in the Q&A forum.

When we use the OOB SMS function via Central Administration > System Settings > Configure Mobile Account under "E-Mail and Text Messages (SMS)", we get to use Text Messages (SMS) as an additional "Delivery Method" when using Alert/Notification feature.

SharePoint does not support using mobile number as an authentication method or integrating with lists/libraries using SMS system. You might find related function using third-party solutions instead.

Here are some references on this topic: Configure SMS Alert On SharePoint 2013. / Send SMS messages from SharePoint.

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Hi @ChelseaWu-MSFT ,

Thank you for your response.

I understand I can't authenticate to SharePoint using SMS and I don't want to do that. I just want recommendations about businesses that offer a way to send SMS/MMS messages through multiple U.S. cell service carriers that also have the ability to integrate with my on-premise SharePoint solution.

Do you have any experience working with any businesses that offer this type of service and using them to set up SMS/MMS alerts on an on-premise SharePoint solution?

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If you are looking for business recommendations on third-party SMS service, I am afraid we cannot give you much information in this forum as we mainly provide technical support and suggestions on SharePoint products.

I would suggest you open a new post via StackExchange forum or SharePoint Discussion space in Tech Community, so that you can get more opinions and ideas on this request.

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