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How to use the output of the FIND function to select or make active cell 1 or "A" colummn in the first empty row below where the FIND function stopped?


Hopefully you are able to open the screen snapshots I have provided here.

This excel spreadsheet shown below, is used to create a "shopping or pick list" that volunteers will use at a food shelf to pack grocery orders for each client that is served. There are three categories of grocery items, 1) A grocery bag type (like Standard, Vegetarian, Gluten free, etc.) 2) Refrigerator items 3) Freezer items. I have one worksheet (not shown)that a volunteer uses to select checkboxes for the things the clients request. It's a pre-established list that clients choose selections from a phone call. After a clients selection of checkboxes identifying the food items they need has been made, I want to, through a macro or VBA code, copy and paste those values into the next empty row on the "OrderList" worksheet. The "OrderList" worksheet is what volunteer order pickers will use at the food shelf to box up the orders for each client.

I am using excel's FIND function to find the the last row on the "OrderList" sheet that has a nonblank value in it. From the snap shot of the VBA code that I am using to do this, lRow does obtain the value of the last row or the row where the find function stops looking. When I try to use lRow in a statement to select a cell like Cell ("A" & lRow) I am getting an error. I have little to no VBA experience. How do I select a cell or row, one below the row found by the FIND function, so that I can paste the values of the next Clients order. Note, Columns E, H, or J may hold the last nonempty cell because there is no way to predict how many items each client may need in each category.


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