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Sync error Microsoft Project <> Sharepoint Task List (confusing error message)

I have a task list on Sharepoint containing a number of fields including STATUS (a choice field with 5 optional answers I created).

I have then opened the list (classic view) and from the toolbar then click on "Open in Project". This opens the list in Microsoft Project desktop.

When I try to sync ms Project to Sharepoint I am greeted with a pop-up message that says....

"We can't sync the project because task 1 doesn't have STATUS. Enter a STATUS and try again."

This message is quite confusing and I've been unable to solve the issue.

I've reviewed the list on Sharepoint and there are no empty cells in the STATUS field.

I've also noticed though I have mapped the Sharepoint fields that are not standard with Project (STATUS, COST, PURPOSE, and others) these fields are not syncing to ms Project. The fields are available in Project after mapping, but they are not syncing with the data from the Sharepoint list (data for these fields populated in SharePoint are not updating in Project). Note that two of the fields are choice fields in Sharepoint. I assume that Project can sync with choice fields in Sharepoint?

I am able to click on a STATUS field in Project and the dropdown list is the same as Sharepoint dropdown list. But again the field in Project is blank and not pulling data from the Sharepoint list for this field. Project does allow me to select an item for STATUS in the dropdown list and enter data. Is it intended that we enter this data via Project and then sync it back to Sharepoint?

Why doesn't Project automatically pull the data from the Sharepoint list for these fields, and is there anything I can do to change this behavior?

This is frustrating and I'm unable to proceed until this is fixed. Thank you for any help you can provide.


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There is already a built-in field named “Status” in Microsoft Project, which does not allow mapping or changing type. It does not accept another custom column named “STATUS” to be created (technically), even though the column is not used in SharePoint list.

I suggest you rename the custom column with one that does not duplicate with the built-in ones and test again.

And for custom columns from SharePoint list, everything works as expected from my test.

I have mapped these two custom columns with pre-created columns with same names in MS Project. After I click the “Save” button , it prompts to have conflicts between the data sources. So I keep the SharePoint versions and the sync for the columns has finished successfully.

You can start this process over or test with new created columns in MS Project and see the result.



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Hi @Rhom-9581, do you have any progress on this thread? Please feel free to let us know if you need further assistance.

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